I am Christoph Cornelius Feldhaim. Born in the sixties during the last century of the past millenium, I live near Hamburg, Germany. Once, I wanted to become a photographer.

Some very mighty and influential entities (my parents) thought I should study something “serious” and not waste my time with something that has no money in it. I could do photography “as a hobby”. They won. And though sometimes it greatly annoys me, it does offer advantages today: I have far less time free for photography than I wished to, but I can do it the way that I want to do it. No need to chase assignments, no need to prostitute myself. And that's great! Thanks Mum! Thanks Dad!

Though not an illiterate caveman, I have no idea what art might be. It's highly possible that illiterate cavemen would know more about art than I do: at least they made those famous cave paintings. I have had no formal art education beyond that of my school days, where I also learnt photographic techniques: the development of black and white films, the use of an enlarger and the making of black and white prints using fixed-grade papers. That was it.

Equipment I have used in the past includes a Nikon FE, a Nikon Coolpix 885 as well as Canon Powershot S95 and G11 compacts. Further up the scale, the list includes my Mamiya Press (a camera which, should it fall, is more a concern for your foot than for the camera) that I exchanged for a still-used Mamiya 7 II; a Sinar 4”x5” which I borrowed for a week, as I did an Arca Swiss Rm3Di with a Phase One IQ260 digital back. A borrowed Leica M7 was also mine for a weekend. And now, since 2013, I own a Fuji X-E2 compact system camera, my first serious, digital, image-making machine.

I still don't know what art might be.

The only thing of which I'm sure is that though I'm a verbose, educated person perfectly capable of expressing myself and understanding others, there are still those things in life that I cannot express with words. You guessed: that's where photography comes in. For me, it's a language that helps me to express things that I cannot in other ways. It's not just about beauty, graphics, color or anything; it's about being, about existence in itself. Words can't describe what it means things, nature, people, cities just being there. The dignity of existence in itself is beyond words and imagination. It's more than a feeling. Nothing you can grab and hold in your hands. This dignity and nature of existence is shining through unobtrusively in all its forms, be they natural phenomena or human creations, animate or inanimate objects, good or bad, mind or matter.

I am trying to allow this quality to shine through in my imagery by reflecting existence in my own intimate way. I often fail. But that's an integral part of the process. It would make me happy if my images could tell you things. So please let them talk with you, that we may communicate.

Thank you very much

Christoph Cornelius Feldhaim


About this website

Though I am German, the language of this site is English: the “Lingua Franca” of the net. It's a pity: I like the Ä, Ö, Ü and especially the ß of our language along with some other features. But I can practise my English and make it much easier for the majority of people I am in contact with online this way.

I have attempted to customize this site in a way to keep it as simple and unobtrusive as possible and allow a quiet and undisturbed viewing experience. Modern functions like social sharing buttons and a slideshow are still accessible but not prominent.

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